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ABoT - Artists Book on Tour

To create more public awareness for the book as an independent genre of art production, the EU-funded project ARTISTS BOOK ON TOUR - Artist Competition and Mobile Museum was launched in June 2010 by the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts | Contemporary Art (Vienna) with the MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts (Ljubljana) and the UPM - Museum of Decorative Arts (Prague).

ABoT - the project

As the term "artist’s book" covers a broad field of artistic production with fuzzy boundaries, please consider the following text as an inspiration and/or guideline for your contributions:

Art theory defines artists’ books as a specific art genre comprising visual artworks that present artistic ideas in book form, relating to the book’s specific conceptual and physical properties.

Artists’ books are multimedia and transmedia art forms, characterized by the hybridization of the textual and the visual, reading and viewing, literary culture and the visual arts. Bringing various disciplines together, artists’ books create liminal spaces that uncover new relations between, for instance, the private and the public, the aesthetic and the political, the gift and the commodity. These spaces are platforms for the expression of new artistic and aesthetic contents; they function as communication tools that reveal new aesthetic and cultural paradigms, processes of political mobilization, and the effects of ideology.

ABoT - the competition

In order to bring visibility to contemporary developments in the field of artists’ books, we offer artists a platform to share their work within a unique all-European competition among book artists for the first time ever. We therefore invite artists to hand in their recent or planned art projects in the field: submissions will be accepted as completed physical or digital book objects or in the form of conceptual designs for projected but yet-unrealized book works. Outstanding works will be awarded a grant given by an international jury.



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